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About provides a free resource for people, companies and professionals looking for Drug and Alcohol treatment throughout the US and Canada. is a leader in the industry, respected for its integrity and proven track record. We have relationships with all Full Service Drug and Alcohol rehab facilities nationwide. Thousands of companies, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and families have already benefited from our advice, service, and case management follow-up, they now enjoy sobriety with the one call to The Rehab Guide.

Our team of Account Managers has the local knowledge and national industry expertise to understand your Drug and Alcohol needs and guide you in the right direction. By providing advice, completely free of charge, you can benefit from the relationships has with the facility operators to find the best program at the perfect facility you or family member or employee.

Our People
Our strongest assets, here at, are our people.
A hand-picked team of professionals has been assembled to set a new standard in service and know-how. Our multilingual international team has helped rise to the top of the industry by providing relevant on-the-spot advice.

Our Rehab Centers
Our drug rehabs and inpatient alcohol treatment centers throughout the USA and Canada offer the level of drug and alcohol treatment necessary to treat any chemical dependency using specialized care.
While most drug and alcohol rehab programs are comprised of both Western and Eastern medical techniques, you will find four common core processes to treatment at our facilities (Detox, Dual Diagnosis, Counseling and Aftercare) it is the counseling component that commonly enacts the longest lasting change in the individual.
If you are looking for lifestyle change, some of our facility offer Yoga, Massages, Golf, Fishing, Mountain biking and many more amenities to complement your new lifestyle.
Allow us to find the right treatment for you! Call: 800-823-8804

Values and Responsibility
At The Rehab Guide, we promise to always do our best to provide the finest service available. You can count on our team to be ethical, focused on your best interest and swift and professional in executing our tasks to ensure your variation of Mental Health Treatment search experience is unparalleled.

• The Rehab Guide and its leadership and employees, get highly involved in sustainability
and corporate responsibility.
• We adhere to the right to confidentiality as provided for in Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations,
Part 2; and Title 45, Parts 160 & 164.
• We work to be sure that the facilities we represent are free from verbal, emotional, physical abuse,
and/or inappropriate sexual behavior.
• To be free from discrimination based on: ethnic or gender group identification, religion, age, sex, color
or any type of disability.
• Those clients are allowed to express personal preference regarding case manager, counselor or any other service personnel during treatment.
• To allow the client to be free to attend religious services or activities of his or her choice and to have visits
from a spiritual advisor-- provided that these services or activities do not conflict with facility program
requirements. Participation in religious services will be voluntary only.
• That all facilities program maintains an ongoing policy and plan on accessibility, which conforms to federal
and state requirements.
• That reasonable accommodation is provided to the client, as needed, to enable qualified individuals to access
a program’s operations and services.
• To be accorded a safe, healthful group environment.

We feel it is our privilege to get involved and try to leave the world, just little better than how we found it.

Manny Aguilar.



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